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Bedpans (Male and female plastic)

Bed Pan with Lid is easy to use and position with its large easy to grip handle, ideal for users who are unable to get out of bed, it is extremely effective yet discrete. Manufactured from strong blue plastic the Bed Pan with Lid is very lightweight, with the lid reducing the chance of any spills and for more discrete use.

Bedpans (Male and female stainless steel)

Bed Pan (s/s) with cover (Seamless welded) The cover is seamlessly welded to the top and ensure the maintenance of hygiene. These are used for toileting patients who are bed-ridden. Made form stainless steel, these bed pans can be cleaned easily and do not let micro-organisms breed.

Circumcision kit

Container Tray – Multifuncion ; O-Drape; Vaseline Gause ; Syringe; Surgical tape; Adson Forceps; Sature Scissors (Curved); Mosquito Clamp (Straight); Mosquito Clamp (Curved); Injection Needles; Absorbable / Braided Sature; Plain Gause; Preparation Gloves and Surgical Gloves (Powder Free).


Composed by 1 covers table of 150cm x 200cm, 2 towels of 30cm x 40cm, 1 covers table of instruments of 75cm x 140cm, 4 adhesive drapes of 75cm x 75cm, 1 drape for craniotomy of 200cm x 300cm with a fenestration of 20cm x 30cm. With fluid collection bag, incision field and passes tubes.

D & C set

 R210.13 Sterilization Container – Medium (3/4) w/ Solid Bottom & Perforated SILVER Lid – 11-1/4″W x 18-5/8″L x 5-1/4″H R290.07 Wire Basket for Sterilization Container 16-3/8″L x 10-1/4″W x 2-3/4″H w/ inside handles 030-068 Instrument Stringer 6″ (15cm), with secure locking device (Pin-Lock) 140-042 Crile Hemostatic Forceps 5-1/2″ (13.8cm), straight 140-806 Allis Tissue Forceps 6″ (15cm), 4×5 teeth 500-126 Mayo Scissors 6-3/4″ (16.9cm), tungsten carbide, curved, beveled blades 500-124 Mayo Scissors 6-3/4″ (16.9cm), tungsten carbide, straight, beveled blades 520-318 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 7″ (17.5cm), serrated, tungsten carbide 325-200 Barrett Tenaculum 7″ (18cm) 325-060 Schroeder Uterine Tenaculum 10″ (25cm), round end, sharp tips 295-024 Laufe Uterine Polyp Forceps 8″ (20cm), curved serrated jaws 140-622 Bozeman Uterine Dressing Forceps, 10-1/4″ (25.6cm), double curved 140-610 Foerster Sponge (Ring) Forceps 9-1/2″ (23.8cm), serrated jaws, curved 140-600 Foerster Sponge (Ring) Forceps 9-1/2″ (23.8cm), serrated jaws, straight 140-506 Backhaus Towel Clamp 5-1/4″ (13.3cm) 040-409 Scalpel Handle #7 for blade sizes #10-15, extra fine 6-1/4″ (15.6cm) 120-014 Dressing Forceps 8″ (20cm), serrated tips 120-048 Tissue Forceps 8″ (20cm), 1×2 teeth 295-522 Goodell Uterine Dilator 13″ (32.5cm), with corrugated ends 310-001 Sims Vaginal Speculum, Double End, small size 1″ (2.5cm) x 2-1/2″ (6.3cm) and 1-1/4″ (3.1cm) x 3″ (7.5cm)

Dressing drums

Fabricated using high grade raw material. These drums are lauded for their superlative finish and accurate designs. Our drums are extensively used in hospital industry and surgical equipment.

Dressing Jars

Stainless steel. Feature friction-fit flat lids and recessed handles. Efficient way to store preparation room items such as cotton, suturing ligature, eye caps, trocar buttons, mouth closures, powdered compounds, etc


Gallipot, suitable as a container for surgical skin preparation or other fluids during a wide range of medical examinations and surgical procedures. Supplied in an easy to open, sterile pack.

Hysterectomy set

Scalpel Handle #3L; Mayo Dissecting Scissors Cvd 6 3/4"; Rochester-Ochsner Forceps Cvd 8"; Rochester-Ochsner Forceps Str 8"; Russian Tissue Forceps; Heaney Needle Holder; Allis Tissue Forceps 5 x 6 Teeth 9 1/2"; DeBakey Tissue Forceps; Mixter Right Angle Forceps; Metzenbaum Scissors Cvd; Deaver Retractor 1" x 9"; Deaver Retractor 1" x 12"; Deaver Retractor 1 1/2" x 12"; Schnidt Hemostat Cvd; Foerster Sponge Forceps Str 9 1/2"; Heaney Clamp; Heaney-Ballantine Clamp Str; Heaney-Ballantine Clamp Cvd1

Instrument trays with lids

Manufactured as per international standards, our instrument trays are available with lid covers. Used for carrying medical aids and medicines, our instrument trays have coved corners for easy sterilization.

IUCD kit

Gallabins Uterine Sound 12.5” ; ; Rampley Sponge Holding Forceps 9.5”; Luer Vulsellum Forceps 1:1 teeth, 9”; Spencer Wells Artery Forceps 8” straight; IUCD Removal Hook and Laminated guide to caring for your instruments

K-Nail set

Kuntscher cloverleaf intramedullary nails Slotted kuntscher nail driver Kuntscher nail set for final setting Kuntscher nail driver Kuntscher nail extractor with two hooks Kuntscher nail guide wire Kuntscher nail gauge Diamond pointed awl Crutchfield tong