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chest tubes

The right side of the manikin has two cut-away viewing areas to provide awareness of the anatomical relationships between the skin surface, musculature, ribs, and lungs. The left side has a pressurized tension pneumothorax site to relieve air that has accumulated within the pleural space and is restricting lung inflation

Crepe Bandages

Crepe bandage used for dressing wounds, post operative wound dressing.


The material stretches with the skin's movements The non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound

Endotracheal tubes

Endotracheal tubes (ETT) are an essential and familiar element of anesthesiology practice. The presence of an ETT maintains airway patency, permits oxygenation and ventilation, allows for suctioning of secretions, lowers the risk of aspiration of gastric contents or oropharyngeal secretions, and facilitates the use of inhalation anesthetics.

Face Masks Tie Type

Complies with drug and pharmaceutical parameters using best quality raw materials. Offered face masks are appreciated around the globe for their unmatched quality, skin friendly design and high protection.

Feeding tube

Sits at skin level Easy to conceal Limited interference with clothing Various sizes for pediatrics through adults Helps patients to enjoy life to the fullest

Folley Catheter

Length: +/-30cm children; +/-40cm adults Diameter ranges: children CH 08 and CH 10; adults CH 12 to CH 20 Balloon expansion capacity: children 3-5ml; adults 15ml Catheter size and balloon capacity must be indicated on the catheter. For safety, the catheter must be double packaged.

I.V. Giving sets

Spike is sharp and easy to puncture. Connector fixes to each type of spike and connector. The IV infusion set for roller clamp is superior control of the flow rate. The end of set can be optional to luer lock or slip. Disposable infusion set for Standard sterilized package

Oxygen Masks

Designed for patient comfort with a soft, anatomical form Barbed fittings help prevent patient from disconnecting the mask while the elastic straps and adjustable nose clips secure it for a better fit Crush-resistant tubing

Safety Box

Used for keeping things safely, the offered lockers are manufactured using high-grade raw materials that are checked on various parameters.

Scalp Vein

Tube: PVC or polyurethane (PUR) Connector Protective cap Needle: - Length: between 10 and 30mm - External diameter: between 0.3 and 2.1mm - Mounted on a base, of variable size, with two flexible fins that are used for anchoring and attaching the needle. - Usually triple bevelled. - Silicone-coated to make insertion easier. Tube: - Supple - Length: between 10 and 30cm - Internal volume: between 0.15 and 2.5ml Connector: - Female Luer - Usually interlocking - Equipped with a bung; permits the attachment of an infusion set.

Spinal Needles

Spinal Needles provide exceptional control when penetrating the dura Suitable for Spinal anesthesia Aggressive anesthetic distribution upon injection High flow rate enables faster Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF) flashback