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Autoclave tape

ST-072 13 mm (1/2″) Indicator Tape 36 Rolls/Case ST-048 19 mm (3/4″) Indicator Tape 24 Rolls/Case ST-036 25 mm (1″) Indicator Tape 18 Rolls/Case BT-048 19 mm (3/4″) Blue Indicator Tape 24 Rolls/Case BT-036 25 mm (1″) Blue Indicator Tape 18 Rolls/Case LF2-048 19 mm (3/4″) Indicator Tape – Latex / Lead Free 24 Rolls/Case LF-036 25 mm (1″) Indicator Tape – Latex / Lead Free 18 Rolls/Case

Baby coat (cradle)

Designed for infants Adjustable, removable canopy Dimensions: 33"L x 17"W x 45"W Convenient lightweight frame with locking casters for easy room to room mobility

Baby Incubator

Acrylic Canopy with front loading & 4 port Holes Removable sub assemblies like Baby Tray, Blower System Inlet for Oxygen, I.V. Tubing, Probes etc. Skin 250 C - 390 C Air 250 C - 390 C Safety Alarms (with Audio Visual message and Mute Facility): Skin Mode: High Temp. (> 10 C of set temperature) HI Low Temp. (< 10 C of set temperature) LO Over Temp. (> 380 C) Ovr Skin Probe fail Prb Air Mode: High Temp. (> 1.50 C of set temperature) HI Low Temp. (< -30 C of set temperature) LO Over Temp. (> 390 C) Ovr Skin Probe fail PRB Excellent access and sealing through gloves on port holes Humidity tray & Humidity Indication by Hygrometer Head Up/ Down Positioning Facility & Foam Mattress IV Stand Facility Mounted on heavy duty castors for easy mobility Fabrication in Mild Steel with Epoxy paint

Baby weighing scale (Digital Basin Type)

• 30 kg weighing capacity • 5 gr sensitive weighing • Removable tray that enables the infant to be weighed while standing up • Automatic power off • Resetting, narrowing, holding • Low battery indicator • Kg/ib/oz option

Baby weighing scale (Manual Basin Type)

Features Timeless design Large, clear circular scale which is easy to read Large platform with non-slip surface made of plastic

Baby weighing scale (Manual hanging Type)

Hanging Pediatric Scale Specifications Capacity: 0kg - 25kg

Blood giving set

The provided transfusion set is used during general surgeries for blood transfusion applications in hospitals and clinics

Bulb sucker

Soft, flexible suction tip with length and shape designed to reduce potential harm to newborn. Reusable and can be sterilized with autoclaving or high-level disinfected with boiling or chemical disinfection. Detachable head for easy cleaning and visual inspection of suctioned matter and cleanliness. Made of high-grade silicone to withstand hundreds of uses. Ergonomic form for precise control. Stands upright and will not roll away. Can be sterilized by steam autoclaving at 136 °C, 10-20 minutes Can be high-level disinfected by following methods: Chemical disinfection with activated glutaraldehyde, per manufacturer recommendation Boiling in water, minimum 10 minutes

Cesarean Set

1x Mayo Scissors 14.5cm TC Straight 1 xMayo Scissors 14.5cm TC Curved 1x Mayo Hager Needle Holder 16cm TC 1x Heany Needle Holder 21cm TC 1x Scalpel Handle 4 4x Blades for Scalpel Handle 4 2x Stille Forceps 20cm 2x Dissection Forceps 16cm 1x Tissue Forceps 1:2 16cm 1x Lane Forceps 1:2 18cm 6x Kelly Forceps 14cm Straight 6x Kelly Forceps 14cm Curved 2x Crile Forceps 1:2 14cm 1xAllis Tissue Forceps 4:5 19cm 4xBackhaus Towel Forceps 11cm

Delivery bed

Frame Work Constructed With Mild Steel Material. Adjustable Head Back Rest On Ratchet. Provided With Primal Cut. Provided With S.S. Bowl. Provision Of Leg Holding Lithotomy Rods. Top Is Covered With Pu Foam Mattress. Provision Of Iv Rod Location. Epoxy Powder Coated Finishing. Dimension: - 1800(L) X 600(W) X 750(H) Mm.Hospital Delivery Bed. Adjustable Hospital Delivery bed. birthing bed. delivery examination bed. hydraulic delivery bed. electric delivery bed.

Delivery kit

Delivery Kits includes : Artery Forceps Needle Holders Dressing Scissors Dissecting Forceps Episiotomy Scissors Outlet Forceps

Fetal doppler

Advanced real time auto-correlation fetal heart rate processing Active noise reduction for crystal clear fetal heart sounds Improved sensitivity for reliable detection in early gestation Improved performance on ‘difficult’ mums (ie. in obesity) LCD display of fetal heart rate including pulse indicator Audio output for headphones Built in loudspeaker 2MHz waterproof transducer suitable for use in a water birthing environment (FD1) High sensitivity for optimum performance in antenatal screening Advanced power management with auto switch-off to conserve battery life Long robust coiled cable enables optimum transducer position in all circumstances Integral probe protection and storage Easy clean probe for improved infection control