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Volume: Beakers can range in capacity from as little as 5 ml to as great as 10,000 ml. Diameter: These specifications range from as small as 20 mm to as large as 230 mm (outside).


glass burette has a 50 ml capacity with 0.1 ml divisions. It has a tolerance of +/- 0.1 ml. It is made from borosilicate glass and features a PTFE (Teflon) stopcock for ease of use. The overall height is 75 cm, and the tube is about 15 mm in diameter. Burettes are permanently marked.


These are sealable enclosures which contain desiccants and are used for preserving moisture-sensitive items.


Polyethylene Funnels • Chemical of Oil resistant.

Graduated pipettes

These are used in laboratories for various experiments and are available in various specifications as per the clients requirements.

Petri dishes

Petri Dish, 90 X 15mm, Sterile. The offered dish is known for the features like unbreakable, clear and durable.


Retort is widely used for sterilization of cans after seaming. They are complete with pressure gauge, metal clad thermometer, safety valves and release valves.

Separating Funnels

SEPARATING FUNNEL WITH PTFE STOPCOCK HDPE STOPPER Pear-shaped / Squibb Capacity : 1000 ml Stopcock bore size : 4 mm Stem length : 60 mm Class A

Stirring rods

Unbreakable, chemical-resistant plastic rod to stir all of your lab mixtures. Made from flexible but firm polypropylene with rounded ends, so mixing is easy and scratching glass is almost impossible. Rod is 7 x 250 mm (1/4 x 10"). Pack of 12

Test tubes

Capacity: 5mL Material: Borosilicate glass code 7740 Length: 75mm Outer Diameter: 12mm Top Style: Rimless Bottom Style: Round

Volumetric flasks

A volumetric flask (measuring flask or graduated flask) is a piece of laboratory apparatus, a type of laboratory flask, calibrated to contain a precise volume at a certain temperature. Volumetric flasks are used for precise dilutions and preparation of standard solutions