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With solid state timer. The equipment has easy filling, minimal maintenance, simple operation and installation and occupying lesser space. Ideal for all kind of silver ,mercury and capsules. It's offered with reusable mixing caps.


Contains 1.8ml of anesthetic solution. This amount may vary in other countries. Consist of a cylindrical glass tube, rubber stopper, aluminum cap and diaphragm.

Dental chairs

The chair could be adjusted as up and down, backrest front and back for different requirement. Assistant Console Assistant to control the function of the water heating and spraying . Foot switch To control the dental chair move and instruments which on instrument tray work. Imaging System The imaging system for diagnosing. Light Adjusting Arm The arm to adjust angle and direction of operation light. Operation Light Operation light for diagnosing, operation or examining. Balance Arm The arm to connect the instrument tray. Instrument Tray Assistant device receptacle. X-Ray Viewer A device to check the x-ray film. Extended Tray A tray which set some stuff during using. Foot Control The foot control button to control the moving of dental chair. Cuspidor Cuspidor for patient to drain and clean. Post-mounted service console. The main control system of the dental unit. Chair Base The main base of the dental chair.

Dental needles

Improved aspiration; Comfort; larger bore requires less effort to inject even in dense tissues; Comfort: local anesthetics flow with less pressure; Increased flexibility thanks to thinners walls; Same tissue penetration as a clinical needle; Triple bevel and siliconized cannula and Sterilized by gamma-Rays

Dental set

Extracting forceps set of 12, no. 1, 7, 13, 17, 18, 51a, 67, 73, 74n, 86, 89

Dental Syringes

Reduced thumb ring handle diameter to eliminate the excess gap, allowing just enough room for comfort and ease. New oval shaped ring handle that fits naturally to the shape of your thumb. Rounded edges on ring handle to create a smooth and soft feel. Slightly flared base on ring handle to ease pressure while dispensing. Shortened harpoon rod to reduce strain during aspiration. Wide wings allow for a better grip with greater control.